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No fun2cruiz MY favorite cruiseline did not blow it in my eyes and many others eyes too. Was that the total amount of people 150? How did all the other cruisers get on the ship and the ship sailed?

Felix ok if a cruiser can't travel the day before. But if you are flying to the port the same day during hurricane season you better get insurance.
Or consider a land vacation and take the cruise at another time other then hurricane season. It seems that noon is the normal time however when there is a hurricane out there the smart thing to do is show up super early. Heck I'm always at port by 10am when it's NOT hurricane season. I rather wait in port and be close to the ship.

So my friends was set to cruise a Carnival 5 niter out of ny to Canada last Saturday (Irene Day). They did not get to the port and missed the cruise. At first they were fuming that Carnival should have left earlier or bring back the prior cruise earlier to get their cruise out. The problem with that Saturday they pretty much shut the city down at noon. I had to remind them that ships will sail no mater what and it is your responsiblity to be on it. Anyways they had insurance and are over it and ready to book another cruise.

You hear it all the time people missing cruising due to weather, delayed flights or sickness in the family. It's nothing new.

Hurricane season must be a big headache for the cruiselines.

It's not a good thing to miss a cruise for whatever reason as we all look forward to the cruise and count down the days however sometimes Mother Nature takes charge. :???:
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