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Default Re: drinks & other extras on millie?

Hi, Bocamom ...

After many (many) cruises under the "X" we have never had a problem bringing wine aboard or, for that matter, hard liquor.

We bought wine, Scotch and rum in Hilo two weeks ago and carried it on openly with no complaint or problem from staff. We also took wine and liquor on board at sailing from Oahua, no problem. Again, it was in bags from the local vendors, not hidden in suitcases.

A couple we know well carried on nine bottles of wine and quite a nice stock of gin. Again, no problem.

Celebrity's policy is quite clear regarding "duty free" alcohol, but, in our experience, it is not enforced.

I challenged the staff in Cozumel last November by buying a bottle of rum in the duty-free shop ashore. I stated, LOUDLY, that they ought not drop the bag because it was my husband's favorite rum. The only comment was, "ENJOY!"

Just be discreet. The staff has lots more to do than worry about the happy bottle.

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