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Some flew the day before and decided to tour San Juan the day of the cruise while they know a hurricane is in the area. I don't get it.

The ship was scheduled to leave at 8:30pm and left at 5:30pm instead. So these cruisers were still not onboard at 5:30pm....that is cutting it short. When was the ship told they had to leave early a few day earlier or that day?

I bet those people already onboard could not wait for the ship to sail even it is 3 hours early. Irene did alot of damage was not pretty.

Out of those 150 cruisers those that booked air with Royal were put up in a hotel and flew to the ships next destination.

Well maybe there is a lesson to be learned. Book your flight the day before, get to the ship 1st thing in the morning, have insurance and call your cruiseline for any updates.

And to those cruising this coming weekend be prepared. Get to your ship early and have insurance. There are different senerios as of now for Katia. They have her around Bermuda and out to sea OR teaming up with Lee and heading in the northeast. :eek: Katia and Lee may be going on a date this weekend.

I see why cruise prices are cheap during hurricane season.
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