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Yea - I've taking to pointing out the major boobs that RCL have been doing the last few years. And so they should be pointed out. If they arn't they'll only get worse.

Actually your statement about "if you can't fly in the day before don't cruise" is just as rude as can be. Luckily no one would listen to you on that one. And do you really think that RCL would appreciate a remark like that? Not likely.

No, RCL could not have stayed. They were told "out" by the port authorities. That is not even the issue. The issue is RCL handled everything from that time to this like a bunch of idiots. Eight people left on the dock while the ship sat there? Now, I do call that stupid. No effort by their own admission to reach those not there? Another stupid move.

Again, that's why RCL is number 2.
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