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Default Re: drinks & other extras on millie?

Hi, Dana ...

Celeb has changed their "rules" recently. At least according to our last documents compared to those from six months ago.

Before, personal alcohol (the hard stuff) from duty-free shops and ports was supposedly prohibited but not enforced that I ever came across. Now Celebrity "reserves the right" to confiscate duty-free liquor.

Cute story. My husband was cooling his heels outside Hilo Hattie's in Hilo. He had a roll-aboard suitcase next to him. Another fellow, also heel-cooling while his wife shopped, inquired as to why Queeg had a suitcase. Why, for wine and rum and Scotch and such as that, the captain (my husband) replied. (We were supplying for more than just ourselves, I hasten to add.)

"You won't be allowed to take it on board !!!" said the other fellow.

The ever-patient Queeg pointed out that we were in America, that the local Safeway supermarket was NOT a duty-free shop, and we had every expectation that there would be no problem.

The fellow processed this information and asked, "Where IS that Safeway?"

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