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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
You can presume that some flew in the day of, and they arrived too late. But I'd bet there were also those who were in the day prior, and spent their time touring San Juan, and arrived after the ship sailed.

RCI DID NOT even make an attempt to contact passengers... so let's not pretend they handled this well.

They did the very minimum necessary according to the contract.

And the people who were left behind had to be plenty worried, standing at the pier where a ship should have been, with a hurricane heading to the island, which was why the ships were ordered to leave. on CCLs website, a couple ships are delayed/wacky due to TS Lee...THEY have set up numbers you can call to get texts from them with updates...Me thinks RCCL could do this...i mean how hard is it?? Oh wait, we're talking RCCLs IT dept here....

it isn't so much that they did or didn't compensate people...or left early....(granted, I would have been ON the ship as soon as the check in opened but that's me...) it is more that RCCL didn't even TRY (they admitted that too) to contact people nor did they attempt to do ANYTHING to mitigate the issue until it blew up all over the internet, and then their faces...

It is the 21st century...they PAY people to READ social media (they called me once after a comment posted on FB)...they can TWEET me specials and post them on FB....they COULD HAVE TRIED!!!

They didn't do ANYTHING at the time.....CCL did.....

And while RCCL is still my preferred line (i just like what they offer, etc..but i am starting to love =X=) i will continue to let them know when they bleep up!!! Just like this crap with kids in the CL.....don't even get me started on that one....
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