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Default Re: drinks & other extras on millie?

No wine is provided with meals, you must always purchase it our bring it yourself which will entail a corckage fee.
Regualr coffe and tea are always free.
As I said, tea and juices are free and the soda card applies to sodas only.
There are daily 'specials' for alcoholic drinks and if you forgo the optional souvinier glass they are very reasonable.
Drinks are always extra including in the dining room. The only thing provided free is coffee, tea, iced tea, juice, regular water, and lemonaide and punch.
You will be asked to either provide a visa or mastercard or a cash amount when you first board to set up an onboard account. Cash is not necessary while onboard ship except for tips for room service and gambling. Everything else you can pretty much place on your shipboard charge card. You may opt to place your tips for the staff on your onboard credit card account or provide cash to the individual. (My choice). There really is no 'hidden' costs. You will pay for the extras like alcohol, items purchased in the shops, spa treatments, and the normal things that you would logically not expect to be included.
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