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Originally Posted by lhp View Post
Smoking is actually a possible money maker for Carnival in another way.

If Carnival restricted smoking inside and balconies to E cigarettes only (you can smoke them anywhere you want to) and had a couple of spots outdoors where you could smoke the regular cigarettes...then SELL the E Cigarettes and cartridges at the bars....

smokers are happy ( because they can smoke anywhere they want to)
nonsmokers are happy (because all it gives off is vapor)
Carnival is happy....because they would make a lot of money!

I have friends that use these Electronic Cigarettes on every cruise and love the freedom of being able to smoke where ever they want to.
With Carnival's new smoking policy you can only smoke E Cigarettes in designated smoking areas. I'm betting the reason for this is they don't want nonsmokers to see some with them and start freaking out thinking it's an actual cigarette. I'm currently trying to quit smoking and E Cigarettes are horrible IMHO.
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