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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
It's a cost factor I would think.Wouldn't you need to have some paperwork? If that shuttle was completely filled with paying shuttle would have bumped someone out.

If you sailed on a Sunday, Saturday shuttles would be at the ready, for their passengers..On a Saturday, unless there was a Friday ship, disembarking, there would be no need for them to have a shuttle.
The ship left port on Sunday. We flew in late Sat. and took the hotel shuttle back to the airport on SUnday to meet the transfer. Can't see how it would cost the cruise line any more money to transport me from the airport to the ship because I flew in a day ahead than it would be for another passager that flew in on the day of the cruise. I paid the transport fee. If I would have flown in the morning of the cruise no problem.

I ask this question, because I am looking at booking an Alaskian cruise for 2012 and don't feel comfortable flying coast to coast the day of the cruise. Is this a RCL policy or a policy of all cruise lines? Was I misimformed?

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