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Originally Posted by ednotmilkman View Post
I probably should get hold of my own life and take a cruise with Ruthless, if she would have me. However, we both take our role as unofficial "seeking" forum police, seriously.

Here's what I see; Sereja, Janina and Justyna look very much like the same person to me. All three joined within 2 days, they speak with the same poor English grammar and Sereja is claiming to be posting as a favor to her brother who is a Russian police officer living with her in Miami. Like why can't he do his own internet post?? Unless you are excited about going with this guy who may speak no English at best and has his sister arrange his dates for him. So if you contact them - watch out and guard your credit card .

However if my hunch is wrong, I apologize and hope you take more time to express yourself more clearly and maybe ask a native English speaker friend to proofread what you want to say before posting here again.

what's your take on this one Ruthless?

We are here to help
Mornin', I read those and shake my head sometimes wondering why they post that way, or even use spell check, or correct their own spelling. Incorrect use of the language is possible due to the complexity of the English language as far as wording goes, but spelling can be fixed easily. I guess my father drilled correctness into my head while growing up.
So many inquiries are not for real, they are posted and I guess they just want to see if there's a response. Most that are very low in posts are the worst offenders, and if you check their statistics, most never come back on line.
So, we've become the FORUM POLICE, it must be our destiny to be precise, yet in my real life, I make mistakes. I just wish posters would take a moment to think first. Some answer to posts years old, dig into archives of things gone by, dates gone by, yet say "I'm ready to go".
I guess I'd better stop, I'm getting off subject and on a rant.
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