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Default What Would You Do To Restore our Economy?

Regardless of where one stands politically, it's obvious that our elected representatives in Washington simply, as yet and for whatever reason, cannot reasonably and responsibly come up with concrete solutions to address our debt problem that isn't (as most folks believe) merely 14 trillion dollars but when extrapolated out over the now planned pay out date, is in reality around forty-seven trillion dollars!

Since they can't do it, maybe we can come up with some concrete viable possibilities. Everyone has to understand that this will not be pain free, every Amercan is going to have to suffer a lof of pain anyway you look at it.

So, what are your specific suggestions you would offer to help solve this all important issue. Please, keep politics out of it. Just concrete suggestions. This will by nature probably require a little on-line research as there is absolutely no simple short answer. Nevertheless for those who wish to try, the forum is now open.

Have at it!

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