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Originally Posted by ElJay View Post

Well, the people whom I dealing with didn't get caught because I just called them yesterday so ask when my refund was coming. I contacted the BBB and I received a call from Eagles Choice a couple days after BBB contacted them and they asked what was problem. I told them everything and the guy "Charles" was still trying to get me to pay for activation fees. Finally, he said to send in all paperwork and they will refund my money. This was August 6, and still no sign of my money.

I've been researching and it looks like they may hava a new name,again, Packaged Vacations LLC. Check out thier website. Looks suspicious . . . no address and the logos that they are affiliated with are not too legible. I read someone online that someone said they are affiliated with the same scams as Celebrity Productions, Eagles Choice, Divine Getaways and Fun Time Vacations.

My "free" cruise was first started by postcard from Divine Getaways, then Eagles Choice sent me my vacation vouchers, and I had to call Fun Time Vacations and every time I called to get info on things they answered Travel Center . . . crazy confusion.

Anyway, I'm prepared to not get my refund, and want to get this word around to hopefully stop people from sending them money. To JD, I believe, you will get your cruise, but it's not for free like they mislead us and say "who told you it was free, I'm sorry for that but we never say free."

Research these names and especially the new Packaged Vacations LLC. They say they've been in business for years, but yet there's nothing about them online, but just several things from themselves.

I'll let you know if I ever receive my refund.
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