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I did get the voucher for a free cruise. I called Eagles Choice and was told that once I paid the $49 per person activation fee I could book my cruise directly with the cruise line, paying them the taxes and port fees.
I would REALLY like to know what the cruise lines say when they get calls from people expecting a free cruise.

Anyone can "book a cruise directly with the cruise line, paying the taxes and port fees" so he didn't lie. He just left out the part about also paying for the cruise.

This is such an odd scheme if actually rattles me. They must have a complete gameplan mapped out on the office wall of what to say when, because they play so many angles.

If they get you in the travel club then you just paid $9000 (!!!!!!!!!) for the privilege of being able to use them as a travel agent.

If you don't join the club you get a "free cruise voucher" but you have to "activate it"and then "pay port fees" (before you even know where you are going) and other fees. Every step takes months, but when you finally get to the next level you are told you are "there".... once you pay the next fee.
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