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You guys know I am not a "liberal" but I am also finding I'm not much of a Repubican either.

I would raise taxes on all individuals - do you know over 50% of our population pays no income tax at all? And they say the rich are not paying their fair share?

My taxes are unbelievably low for what I make, I can't believe anyone would be complaining about paying income taxes these days.

But I would also eliminate any taxes that inhibit business - capital gains, corporate taxes, etc should be eliminated or highly curtailed.

I would create tax incentives for companies providing jobs to Americans - and stop hassling good American companies who agree to provide jobs. The recent developments with Gibson Guitar and AT&T seem unbelievably stupid (of course, I do not claim to have all the facts, but puleeeze). Bottom line - what we need are domestic jobs from US companies, not "shovel-ready jobs for union members".

I would fix the housing market. How? The whole process of reposession and re-selling houses is too opague. WE tried to buy a condo at auction and it was canceled from the auction literally 20 weeks in a row (we had to have $10,000 cashiers check ready each week). WE gave up and just found out it sold for $10k less than we were prepared to pay.

I would let people re-negotiate their mortgages at current rates. They had no problem refinancing when homes values were rising. They should re-finance everyone at the current home values. Yes - the banks would lose a lot of money, but they have already lost it - its gone. Better to let the whole housing market just start over.

I would let health care providers sell across state lines, and make exclusions for pre-existing conditions illegal. But aside from that I would go back to the old system. Eliminate the uncertainty. Why is it that even with the passage of Obamacare my healthcare is far more expensive and now worse than ever?

UNcertainty is now killing this country. No businesses want to invest now. Most companies (like Apple, Google) are sitting on huge stockpiles of money, yet they are not hiring or spending - except in China where iPhone and iPads are made (I assume, I really don't know where they are made).
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