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Default Project Breakaway Predictions???


I want to know what all the members think NCL has up its sleeves for Breakaway?

So far we have seen a return to very traditional staterooms. I actually think they look they very nice, but it is hard to get excited about them. "They're nice," what moree can you say?

In the last releaqse they let it out that the family staterooms will be on decks 1 & 12 - same as on Epic, and that they are close to the "kids facilities."

We already know the suites, excuse me "The Haven," take up the forward part of the ship top decks - just like on Epic, but they are scaled back to two decks instead of three.

But the comment about the Kids facilities has me wondering... Is the entire top deck going to be laid out similarly to Epic? Epic has those water slides mid-ship on the top deck - really taking up precious deck space and inconveniently between the fore & aft staircases.

Do you think they are going to make the top deck similar to Epic? - wouldn't that be a horrific mistake considering no one likes the top deck of Epic, with complaints of not enough deck chairs or pool space, etc?

Also - how do you think they will design the interior rooms. I predict they will make the main theater bigger so they don't have to repeat the same shows five times/week. I know they will still have close to 20 restaurants.

But do you think they will do anything drastically diffferent? eliminate the circus tent, for example?

I know they will keep O'Sheehan's - that has been a big hit,

Do you think they will also tone down Bliss? Do they really need the beds in there?

Basically - what do you suspect will be the big surprises for Breakaway comig down the pike? A production show by Jean Ann Ryan?
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