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My first cruise was on Serenade on 8/21/11 out of PR. I thought they handled the situation very well considering the circumstances. As this was my first cruise, I opted not to get the travel insurance because I though... Im young, its my honeymoon, of course Im gonna be there, nothing can stop me. Well I learned my lesson. Trip insurance is a must no matter what.

Some inside information that most probably don't know... The port closed as of 10:30 am due to Irene. With some sweet talking from the captains of both RC and Carnival they were able to depart at 5:30 pm. If they had left at 10:30 like they were suppose to, pretty much everyone would have missed the cruise.

It is not RC fault that there was a hurricane, its the chance you take vacationing in the Caribbean during hurricane season. Many were able to meet us in our first port Aruba so there vacation wasn't entirely ruined. As RC can't predict the weather, I feel that cruise credit for a future cruise is very generous. What Carnival did was fantastic but RC shouldn't be looked down upon because of this situation.
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