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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
Quit spending. Flat Tax.

Move most regulations to state level. Eliminate the Dept of Education, Eliminate the Dept of Commerce, Eliminate the Dept of Labor, Eliminate the Dept of Energy, and many more.

Just guard the borders and deliver the mail.
Well no way could California afford to hired all those people handle the regulations. Wait a second if companies violate the regulations they get hit with fees. So if the States are doing the regulations they are picking up the non compliance fees. So the Federals might lose quite a bit of money to the States by moving it to the State level. Well shoot California needs more money. Of course now we need to hire new inspectors, set up a computer system to track the businesses, amend code section to allow us the authority to do these regulation enforcement and hire more tax collectors to collect the past due fees.:-x Nope the one time costs would be a nightmare. I think the Federal made the regulations they should enforce the things.
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