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Originally Posted by jacdenv24 View Post
Felix-I'm confused. The last words in your signature are "Yes, I'm a Royal Chump and proud of it". I thought that meant you are an RC supporter?
No big deal-just curious.
"Royal Chump" is a term Kookie coined a few years ago. RCI changed some of their policies for diamond members-many of their former benefits/perks RCI changed to that they had to be diamond plus to receive-many former RCI loyalists were very upset. I think diamond plus is 20 cruises and diamond 10 cruises-so a big difference

Me? You see I call myself an equal opportunity cruiser-although I have taken 18 cruises-I still have no real perks with any cruiseline. That is okay. I always enjoy myself. I really enjoy going on different lines-I embrace the differences of each line-no same-o same-o for me!

I choose my cruises, by itinerary, price, and ship-not cruiseline.
Equal opportunity cruiser since 1998-4 Carnival, 4 RCI, 3 HAL, 3 Princess, 5 Celebrity, 3 NCL, 1 Disney

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