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Doug R....

The Republicans offer no lure for me as long as they insist on pro-life and anti-gay as requirements to join thier little gathering.
Can I ask you to amed that to "Those Rublicans who insist on pro-life and anti-gay as requirements to join thier little gathering offer no lure to me."

I have to say that there are MANY Republicans who never bring up social issues - including John MCCain - because we are "Goldwater" Republicans (as Reagan was) who believe government has no place in private life at all.

I agree with you - whether you call it Blue Dog Democrat or whatever, I am sure that vast majority of Americans are fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

The required alignment of all policy beliefs according to party makes NO sense. Just because you believe in any one thing does not mean you should have to agree with everything either party believes. But I do seriously believe the left goes MUCH MUCH farther in their attempt to paint all conservatives with the same broad brush as the other way around.

For example, I am fine with people having Christian faith - but I don't think it should be a factor in politics. In the same way you just painted republicans with the same brush, I could say all liberals seem to think the only acceptable religious expressions now are Islam or Atheism - anything else gets you labeled as a wacko or worse.

I did mention a LOT about housing above, also. I feel it is the #1 issue in our depression - families have lost most of their wealth because investing in homes used to be the best thing you could do. Somehow we managed to ruin that. Regardless of how it happened - it needs to be fixed.
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