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Originally Posted by smokeydokee View Post
Yes this is my 2nd cruise and the first was also thru expedia and it was great. This time we want to take our 2 kids with and now the adoption date was appealed and it was move until after the cruise. So there is no chance of getting the parents of the kids to allow us to take them, much less get them their passports. We did buy the Berkley insurance, but this is not one of their acceptable cancelation reasons. I have talked to Expedia 3 times Carnival 2 times and Berkley Insurance 1 time. Nobody wants to accept our situation, and regardless of us buying the insurance we will lose our deposit. Regardless of how many times you use a service shouldn't you expect better service than a straight NO. So Phil and Liz maybe if I have cruised 20 times you think they would think differently? I doubt it.
Not sure how much this will help, but if you move the date, and the deposits were of course paid by you the adults .. the credit can be held in your name or the kids. (you can fax in a form saying you paid the deposit and the credit will be transferred to the person who paid the deposits)

There can be no exceptions or everyone would want one. I have seen people in ICU. My sister suddenly, out of blue, got married and I too was stuck .. so I still went and she was a no show.

There are ways to lessen the blow, but you cannot get a exception to the ES rules.

Since Expedia does not discount ... it probably only worked this time to your disadvantage and no advantage I can see to use a big box TA. I am sorry you feel this problem is Carnival's fault .. but its best to move past that, and work it out best you can so you lose the least. ES to me is always a huge risk and Im sorry you didnt understand you need to be 100% certain to book this fare. Expedia should have made it clearer that there will be no exceptions.

I too bought insurance on a AI, and lost $1000 since my fiancee's father dying wasnt a covered reason they said, I was not related to him so no coverage .. so Iv been there, done that too. It stinks.

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