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Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
This reminds me of a poster on the HAL board who never purchased insurance because he had "good health and was only 42". Well, he expected HAL to reinburse when he had an heart attack a week before his cruise and missed it. His heath was not as good as he thought I suppose and many of us (I suppose this is one of those situations Blueliner is referring) told him that is what insurance is for-the unexpected, we may not be in as good of health as we think.

BTW- we also did not buy insurance for years, because we thought we did not need it-being in good health. Then my husband had emergency gall bladder surgery at age 45 about a month before our cruise. Now he was well enough for the cruise-but this got us thinking. What if that had happened on the cruise? You see, unknowingly he had had other attacks, which the family doctor misdiagnosed, I suppose he thought hubby would have went to emergency room if his bellyache was THAT bad-instead of waiting and coming into his office. This attack happened after having a rich meal of manicotti and cheesecake- ! The very type thing he is apt to do on cruises-over eat rich food. From then on we bought insurance, and thankfully have never had to use it!

There was another instance of a guy who had an heart attack on Carnival Miracle the first night of his cruise about 6 years ago. He was in his early 50's and also had bought no insurance. Carnival however, gave him a free cruise, off season and only an inside cabin, since this had happened to him. Now this did not pay his medical bill on ship, or his emergency flight back home, but he appreciated their kindness and he accepted that cruise, upgrading the difference of price for a balcony out of his own pocket a few months later when he was recovered. He also bought insurance after that. He said for the cost of medical expenses he could have had a couple of cruises, but he was just grateful to Carnival to still be alive-as he had "died" in the show lounge and had been revived by the Miracle Dr.

Blueliner, no Carnival did not need to give him that off season cruise in an inside cabin, and no one would have thought badly of Carnival if they hadn't. I do believe Carnival knew this would give them "good press" as this had been posted on another message forum. Carnival is not my favorite line for sure, but one thing for sure I can't knock them for what they do in these type situations.
Generally, I would agree with all you've said. We always have insurance so I know we would have been fine.

My issue is - RCL did not make any attempt to contact those who were missing. They ship left earlier than it was supposed to (I understand weather related and a must) however they use their contract to say they are not responsible for a litany of things - the same contract should have them responsible when they are not able to uphold their end of it.

It just doesn't compare to all the examples you have given. By leaving early (again, they had to) they did not live up to their end of their own contact.

And they certainly could have attemped to contact those who were not late and by their own admission they DID NOT.
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