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Originally Posted by WilliamL View Post
I disagree it is not a racial statement. The vendors are looking to rip off anyone they can. Not my words but throughout the ship all you heard were horror stories. People told us being robbed at the gas station just due to they could be taken advantage of. I have spent years in other caribbean islands. Aruba, St.Kitts, St. Maartin, Jamacia, Barbados, St.Lucia, and have never heard so many stories indicating just what I expierenced. I am happy that you have never been cheated. Thanks for your response.
Well, I think you are really exaggerating that you heard it all over the ship, and even if true......I would say that there were just as many happy cruisers that had a good time in COZ as there were so many that said what a rip off it was. You seem well versed based on your caribbean island experiences, but to single out COZ....ridiculous ! there is where you better watch your back and wallet...thats just a well known fact !

You had a bad time and your only motive is to slam COZ and the vendor you rented a moped from as rationale behind your (2) posts on the same topic (despite being warned in advance by the cruiseline within their "Fun Times" daily activity paper all passengers are provided and "shore talks" made available for passengers to attend).

Perhaps your next cruise will be more enjoyable and you will not feel ripped off by your "ocean experience" or renting of transportation.
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