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They dont want people to rent mopeds because of getting run over by other cars, not because of breakdowns. Anyhow. Ive always rented jeeps every time i went there. I went to Lighthouse last year in a jeep and there is a sandy acess road that may not work well with a moped, it goes back there about a 1/2 mile or so before you get to the lighthouse. I was there with one other person that rode with me. The Lighthouse is small in Dia and a bunch of people climbing it at same time would take forever. Luckly I was there early before the crowds came. I have some pics posted here from that trip. Also make sure you get the full coverage insurance on any type of vehicle you rent. Sorry about loss of time with the moped. A few yrs ago I buryied a jeep on the beach (2 of them) on the far side of island. I was prepared to leave them and go back to ship since i had full coverage insurance. But a local guy got us out.. I wasted 2 hours getting "unstuck". I still had plenty of time since the ship was there for 15 hours.
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