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Originally Posted by WilliamL View Post
After spending the day there I have to say I wouldn't go back to Cozumel ever again after seeing the way I know now how they cheated the couple with the minor moped damage and the way they were alloed to cheat us. Other people on the4 boat sumed it up well. They the Mexicans are there to cheat Americans any way they can. God Bless thanks for reading.
I think it's sad you're gonna miss seeing all the beautiful things in Cozumel just because of something one person did. As for you other statement about the Mexicans being there to cheat American people any way they can, that's a horrible thing to say! Yes it's a tourist trap but you knew that going in. YOu can't say all of any group of people are bad based on one experience. You said you didn't know not to rent the mopeds, ok I'll give you that one, but when you saw the trouble the one couple was having, that should've been a huge red flag. I'm all for not using this business, cause yeah you weren't treated right. Although since you drew a crowd and were so proud of how you ripped this dude I think you said, maybe you didn't treat him like a person, just my impression. If someone is screaming and yelling @ me, I'm not gonna do anything for them. Nothing he could've done at that point would satisfy you. Anyways, I hope despite this you had a great cruise, and hopefully you'll give cozumel a chance in the future. :-)

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