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Felix, I was not agreeing or disagreeing. I was just pointing out People really should buy insurance and also that Blueliner is correct that we WILL tell those who complain that they should have gotten insurance.

Even Dorman (CC name)who had the heart attack on the Miracle-IF he had complained that Carnival did not reimburse him for his lost cruise, I and others would have told him he should have bought insurance. As I said, it was simply a plus,that Carnival went beyond what they needed to do in giving him that off season cruise.

As I said also, I do believe, (since this was posted on CC) that Carnival KNEW they would get "good press" and actually this was inexpensive advertizing for them. All they had to do was give this man a cruise off season and in an inside cabin, and many would read this and think well of Carnival.
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