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Your wrong I never was proud and didn't tell the whole story. I only ripped this guy when he started waving bye to me in a fashion as to say, "I cheated you out of your money and you have a boat to catch" And, I wasn't the only one we heard numerous stories as to people on the boat suffering one way or another in how they were cheated. An elderly man at our table was charged 3 times the amount for gas his only crime was to say I'm in a hurry to catch the boat attendant never came back with the change. I'm glad you never have had a bad or less than honest experience in Cozumel. I have never had this type of experience in Aruba- own 2 timeshares have been going for 20 years, St. Kitts, St. Maartin, St. Lucia, Barbados. I get the tourist traps but to be down right dishonest and then be obnoxious as well that is when I ripped into this person. He knew I had to catch the boat.
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