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Default Cruise mate

Originally Posted by sweetsublissa View Post
I guess my question is if I'm gonna look for a cruise companion, what would y'all suggest?
I personally would state what trip, when, male or female (big contention here), age.
Then, what are your expectations? You want a companion for dinner? Excursions? Or are you OK on your own?

You know yourself better than anyone you're bound to meet online, so be honest with yourself and honest with your prospective cabin mate.

I for one, am flabbergasted at how much trouble finding a cabin mate can be. After all, this "IS" a site for people whom really enjoy cruising and whom really don't like paying more.
And, I find it odd, that of the many, many people that I meet on board, that are nearly always in great moods, friendly and easy going, that there could be so many that are difficult to get along with as evidenced by "some" of the comments here.

Just my bit, *sigh*
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