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so you want some advice Sweetsublissa,

First of all, you need to click on the "start new thread" button instead of making a reply under this odd thread title of "I Smell a Few Rats". Then ask whatever you want as Gbrad said, about where you want to go, who you would consider going with and when. In your specific case, bring along a couple of new pairs of top rated earplugs for you new cabinmate to try if they might have concerns with your snoring. If you are desperate, you could even bring an air mattress and sleep on the balcony if your snoring is awful and you book a balcony !

As far as setting up the payment. If one person has already paid for the cabin, it might be easiest to just let the 2nd person bring cash in hand when they meet before boarding. Then the 1st person can call the cruise line to see if they can add you at check-in or whether they have to do it beofore that. If they don't show or don't have the agree cash, they don't go with you.

If neither has paid yet , then you can tell the travel agent and they will arrange for both of you to call separately to pay your half, or whatever amount agreed upon.

In my opinion, most of the weird people you might not enjoy going with will be people who can't write an interesting paragraph to impress you in the first place. Or if you call them on the phone -listen for the same thing

If you wanna go with me, right now I'm only looking for a short trip from Mobile, or maybe New Orleans or Jacksonville so I won't have to fly. But I would like to chat first to make sure we are friends and not just another person to go so I can save $300 . I'm always interested in cruising other places, like Hawaii on NCL, but would be more picky about getting to know you before deciding to spend more time and money.
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