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Originally Posted by You View Post
hi, fellow cruise mates
my wife and i were looking at the cruise the pacific princess in august of 2012. this particular cruise embarks from venice and debarks in athens and has a 2 day stop in israel and egypt.
I know it is a crysta balll question but, would you or would you not go on this cruise.
i would appreciate any pros or cons, as i have not yet made a decision.
thank you in advance
I would not hesitate to book the cruise -- but do so with the knowledge that any eruption of violence or other unsafe conditions in either destination will cause the cruise line to change the itinerary to avoid the danderous area(s). The ship obviously will take you to a destination that is safe, but you might not get to the ports of call for which you booked the itinerary.

BTW, I would be pretty hesitant to book a land-based vacation in that part of the world. If the situation were to erupt suddenly, those who had booked on a land-based trip would be stuck.

Realistically, I think that the chances of problems in either Egypt or Israel are pretty small at this point. Tourism is a major industry in both countries, so no government in either country can tolerate unrest that would drive tourists away for very long if it wants to remain in power.

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