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Originally Posted by richsea View Post
Great move on the part of Princess, & you're right Trackypup, they had to do something to counter the many who said thet switched tp Celebrity due to their smoking restrictions. I'm just sorry that the new rules will not be in effect when we take our next Princess cruise in October. I guess it's just the way of today's world. I'm sure that it won't be long before ALL cruise lines adopt similar rules.
I suppose it could have been worse & you could be sailing the first week of Jan before the smoking ban just took effect. ;-)
I wonder how many loyal Princess smokers will switch over to HAL since they will still be allowed to smoke on their balconies. (for now).

To all those people who feel that they been denied their rights to smoke as they please, just know that Princess made their new ruling based on the numerous complaints from the majority of their clientele and not to discriminate against you. It's unfortunate that your bad habit affects all others around you but since it does and there's no way to contain it, they've made the only logical business decision and I'm certain it will result in more people choosing Princess in the future.

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