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Originally Posted by richsea View Post
Really, I've never noticed that. In fact, all of the interaction I've had with guest relations has always found them to be pleasant & willing to address my concerns. I've cruised with Celebrity & Princess only, & have found the same on both lines. If anything, I find that the onshore customer service provides a lot of conflicting info. I would guess that most of them have never set foot on a ship.
As far as language skills, I enjoy interacting with people who use English as a second language, & envy them for knowing more than one language. Sometimes I think that most Americans think that the whole world should speak English, because that's the only language that we know.
I have not had a major problem, fortunately, but often there is a barrier. English is an extremely difficult language to learn, we take it for granted. I read or saw a film on the ships requiring crewmembers to attend English classes to at least learn the basics. We have many phrases and words that don't fit what we are trying to say, but as Americans, we give it no thought. One phrase I really hate, is SHUT UP. Other than the real meaning, it has evolved to mean "REALLY", stop talking as I am envious.

Where I'm located there's a huge Spanish population, at my work, they had to speak English to work there. It wasn't always fluent though. Others were truly bilingual and I envied that.
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