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I admit the fine print on so many cruise contracts is too long, and yes the cruise lines DO change policy all of the time.

It bothers me a lot, personally, because I think a person plans a purchase based on what he knows about a product, and it is very frustrating to find out after the fact that you have been taken in by a rule change in the fine print.

So Gary, you may be correct (I actually have no idea) but it would be a moot point now anyway if the policy has changed.

The thing what really bothers me is when the cruise lines change a loyalty program. Its a LOYALTY program, which means you bought into because you liked what it offered. That's like an insurance company saying they changed your policy based upon new rules they just made up (I suppose that happens these days as well).

But to the OP - I don't personally get upset just because someone rants, and I wish other people didn't as well. I don't find the "know it all" attitude any more appealing than the "angry uninformed consumer" that they often seem to get so upset about.
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