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Originally Posted by Breshiki View Post
I'm going on a Ccruise on Feb 25 (Voyeger of the Seas) and I wanted to know when & how I'm suppose to pay for RCCL fuel supplement charge/fee???

I know they only charge it if the barrel price is $65 or higher and it's $10 per day, per person. But when am I going to be billed & expected to pay for the fuel (assuming it gets charged)??

Any insight is MUCH appreciated! I found a website that lists the current fuel prices and I'm 99.9% sure we're goning to be charged. I tried to look for the answer on older threads but never found it.
I don't think Royal will implement the fuel charge. They add that clause to the cruise to contract to cover themselves so that they can implement the charge if they need to, but so far they have not.

Last time they did it, they got slapped by a few State's Attorney's Generals, like Florida, and it was a PR debacle for them. That is why it is in the cruise contract now.

IF Royal did decide to implement the fuel surcharge.....and that is a BIG IF, they would add it on to your final payment due. They would not bill you seperately. You would get a notice from the cruiseline first however.

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