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Originally Posted by Truck Cruiser View Post
That is just the point. Today it is the smoking ban, tomorrow it might be a food ban or alcohol ban. Everyone in the majority always applauds a decision that doesn't effect them but when their turn comes, well lets just say, they get pretty miffed. The truth of the matter is, this is not about smoking, it's about freedom and the rights of people to enjoy themselves as they spend their vacation dollars.

The idea of one side of the ships cabins for smokers and the other for non smokers has not been tried, I would think that this would be a viable option to please the customers of both sides of the issues.
I am a non-smoker but I would like to see this idea trialled for a reasonable period. Only issue is that the cruise line who trials it might lose money?

Non-smokers have waited a very long time to enjoy a smoke free environment but smokers should be allowed to smoke somewhere.

I would like to flutter in the casino but the smoky atmosphere keeps me away - less revenue for the cruise line from me - but I am happy to let smokers keep that space.

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