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"drive-by" posting is common - I am sure we have all done it, especially when mad about something.

Cruising is complicated and really does require experience to get the best cruise.

When the OP was told to "go talk to ____" that is what they should have done. I have written about this many times. Inexperienced cruisers expect every staff member to know everything there is to know about the ship and NOTHING could be further than the truth.

Even the front desk may not know everything, solely because there is so much to know. Ships have departments, and to get answers they need to contact that department. Sometimes that takes time.

All complaints should be taken to the front desk, and if you do not get a response from the person you are talking to - I really recommend you ask someone else.

No matter how many times you try to explain what you want or need, if you are talking to the wrong person you are never going to get a good answer out of them.

In fact - (and I have written this in articles before) - if you are talking to someone in housekeeping (your room steward) and asking about anything concerning dining they probably have NO idea (unless it is a butler) because they do not eat in the main or other passenger dining rooms and they generally do not even know people who do by name.

I have worked on cruise ships, big and small, and I know that most workers tend to have a small group of friends and almost always in the same job position. The ship does NOT have a policy of trying to teach each member basic information about the ship - they only focus on teaching each worker on how to do their jobs.

When you get a cruise ship job, you don't a manual in the mail before you arrive. You generally get a plane ticket and are just told where to show up. You usually get a week of training once you board but it is solely about your job. If you find a crewmember who knows much at all about anything on the ship other than their own job, it is because they have been there a long time and care enough to learn things they actually are not required to know. If you meet such a crewmember, next time congratulate them on doing a great job rather than berating the ones who don't have every answer to every question you may have.

That's just the way it is - right or wrong. One reason why veteran cruisers tend to enjoy cruising the most, and why first-time cruisers tend to have the most complaints.
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