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Paul, our grandson is an assistant cook. He is on the Pride of America and working in the galley of the Cadillac Dinner. From the first day of actual work he has been cooking, did not have to start as prep only. He told us that the other night his boss was checking everything out and when he saw that Michael had his prep list all crossed off he had to ask if that was really done, which Michael said yes and showed him. Well the boss stated that Michael had completed more in one hour than another guy had in a full shift and he was amazed. We were not really surprised because we all, freinds included have know that Michael is a hard worker.

I did include MSC above others because we have had better food, entertainment and overall experience with the 2 cruises with them and would cruise them again if the cruise was right time/itineray and price, which both cruises have been really good prices. And the second cruise with them was even better than the first. Both were in the Caribbean, which is where all of our cruises have been.
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