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Originally Posted by zydecocruiser View Post
Not sure who, what, why, whatever..

but this place seems to indicate to AVOID black tiger shrimp?

Seafood Search | Seafood Watch | Monterey Bay Aquarium

I'm guessing it is because of health concerns and not because it is endangered?
Dig a little deeper in the referenced site and you find this (part of the complete text) related to black tiger shrimp:
Shrimp, Imported Farmed

Most imported farmed shrimp should be avoided due to habitat damage, the risk of pollution and the introduction of non-native species to the surrounding environment. An exception is shrimp from farms using fully recirculating ponds in Thailand, which reduce the risk of escapes and disease and is a “Good Alternative.” U.S. farmed shrimp is another “Good Alternative,” due to tougher regulations.

Seems to be more an environmental concern than species endangerment - at least black tiger shrimp species endangerment.
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