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Exclamation Point of contact

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post

Even the front desk may not know everything, solely because there is so much to know. Ships have departments, and to get answers they need to contact that department. Sometimes that takes time.

All complaints should be taken to the front desk, and if you do not get a response from the person you are talking to - I really recommend you ask someone else.

No matter how many times you try to explain what you want or need, if you are talking to the wrong person you are never going to get a good answer out of them.
The Front Desk is THE point of contact for passengers. Even experienced passengers cannot always know which person in which department can help them. That is why the front desk personnel should be trained to LISTEN, sort out what the problem is and what needs to be done, and then take care of contacting the proper person or seeing that the proper person contacts the passenger. If the front desk person does not know, then THEY need to find out and let the passenger know promptly.

What makes me even unhappier than a front desk person that knows nothing is a front desk person who promises that someone will get back to me, and then nobody gets back to me.

The very minimum basic training in customer service should include that concept! But apparently the cruise lines (and all of them are bad on this) just do not get the idea. Can't they at least require that the Front Desk people read the daily schedule before they go on duty??

(And incidentally, Paul, NO I have never posted a "drive by". If I do have a problem and post on a new board about it, you can be assured I will be following the thread and taking a lively part in all the discussion that ensues! )

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