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I also really try never to leave threads hanging - if I post someplace I do try to go back - especially if & when I get a solution.

But I have been mad enough at companies that I sought out message boards i had never used before and left a post. I don't think it is a crime - especially if you were really wronged.

I would not have posted the one that started this thread - but I had an incident with AT&T DSL where I my account was fully paid but off & they would not re-connect my service for seven continuous days (at my vacation home, I pay year round to have it on, and we showed up & it was off, so I called and did a 7-day run-around before they finally turned it back on, I must have talked to 12 different people between billing and service)' so yes, I hit a few boards, I was mad. Finally I got ahold of a local AT&T service executive, and he said to me "we are not proud of this case, I assure you."

I agree, the front desk is the point of contact. They should always follow through with every guest. What happens, however, is you get lazy managers who decide to take time off and they leave people on the front line who really don't know what they are doing yet. These people try, but they are also dependent on the department they need to call responding to them. If your problem is not resolved you cannot always blame the front desk. If they called maintenance/housekeeping and they did not follow through then its that dept's fault, not the front desk.

I have found this is one area where small luxury ships really shine. It is the bigger ships that find it hard to keep up with all the maintenance requests.

What makes me really mad is when you know a ship is fully aware of a bad problem and yet there is nothing they can do about it - but the company does not compensate the guest. The Cunard board has a lady that was on Queen Elizabeth and had a "farting sliding glass door" (seriously, it made a constant, loud sound) but they couldn't move them, and did not compensate them - according to her.
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