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Hi Paul,

I don't think that is any special deal , I booked it in Web on kreuzfahrberator page.
I am not sure but maybe it is possible to get such "deals" only from Germany or Italy, but one can see and compare there prize there.

As a matter of fact I returned from Costa Favolosa.

That was the best ship I've ever seen.
(I can compare with Aida Cara, Golden Prinzess, Epic, R-7 or delphin rennisance, Costa classica)

As for me Costa Favolosa is really great.

I saw only one big minus : Italian people are really very nice
but they don't speak any language at all.

meal, excursions, etc. were the best one and perfect organized.
Last year I thought Epic was great - and it was true But I must say:
as for me Costa favolosa get from me 1,5 star more.

So my ship classification:
Prinzess 3-
Epic 3
Aida 3+
Costa Classica 3+
R-7 (officially 5) 3++
Costa Favolosa 4+

Of course there was a lot of things I didn't like on Costa Favolosa.
If there would be some questions I would be glad to give some more information.
But for any of my next tour I would try to get only the Costa ship (any modern costa ship - I think there are 3-4 or even 5 of them).
And not only because it is cheap, but because as for me it is the best one.

The ship passanger "population":
16 - Russians
400 Germans + lot from German speaking countries (as a matter of fact in Europe the most people speak German and any German sitizen speak English + maybe some other europe languages).

A lot people from Spain (they speak no language at all as Italian people too)

and maybe 2500 - 3000 Italian people.

Of course the whole relevant for tourists crew speaks English and sometime even German.

But can you imagine ?!- they have even one russian hostess on that route for 16 tourists from Russia and print the information every day on russian language for them too.

So I think it is really the best international ship.
And they have the best people playing and singing even in the bars e.g.
three violinist girls , and of course jazz intepreter Alex : I think one must book the next cruise on Costa Favolsa only to see and hear that people.
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