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Well, I spoke to the GF, and she doesn't seem to be particularly keen on doing the ATV/Jeep tours anyway, so it looks like my shots will be around Chankanaab. Not that I'm disappointed, of course. I hear it's actually very pretty there and that the snorkeling is great.

Two more questions, though.

One: As a way of doing my part for Breast Cancer Awareness month, I'm undertaking Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint Challenge in October. That means lots of sunshine, lots of walking, a decent amount of heavy weight lifting, and no grains or sugars for the entire month. Alcohol, DARK chocolate, coffee, and dairy products are okay in small quantities, though. How difficult would it be to stick to such a regimen through the duration of my cruise ( The Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge | Mark's Daily Apple )?

Two: How difficult would it be to find real dark chocolate in Cozumel? I'm talking 85% cacao or more.
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