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Default Wow can't believe NCL picked Breakaway and Getaway

As a joke I said to my husband I should pick "breakaway", thought would be funny when the staff were sorting through the names to see the most obvious selection...who would have thought that is what they really wanted - what they already had.

Why have a contest if you already know what you want to name it? I submitted maybe 40 names, and yeah obviously some were just whatever I could think to grasp at the opportunity to win a free cruise, but some were way more inventive than what they picked. I have looked all over and so far I have also seen some really creative names others picked as well.

These were some of the ones I submitted...
Norwegian Drift
Norwegian Element
Norwegian Gala
Norwegian I-land
Norwegian Island
Norwegian Cay
Norwegian Reflection
Norwegian Sojourn
Norwegian Ocean
Norwegian Serenity
Norwegian Moon
Norwegian Diamond
Norwegian Passage
Norwegian Key
Norwegian Sparkle

Cant think of the rest, but I thought Drift sounded cool and would be liked enough to be a runner up...maybe they didnt bother reading them all!
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