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Originally Posted by You View Post
The issue of dress has some controversy, on Celebrity's web site they state in a couple of dozen locations that Blu is a Specialty restaurant. Also, on the web site all Specialty restaruants are "smart casual" every night regardless of the formal designation in the MDR. This has caused problems because people are packing and not bringing formal clothes based upon the web site. On both my AQ cruises Blu was "smart casual". With all that being said, many are coming back and saying the dress code is the same as the MDR, formal on formal nights. Just another problem that Celebrity needs to addrss with conflicting statements.
I agree completely that the wording on the web site is poor. The intended meaning apparelntly is that the specialty restaurants are "Smart Casual" whenever the prescribed evening dress is more relaxed than that. It was probably written when the line stated clearlly that the prescribed evening dress applies throughout the ship, except designated "casual" areas, as "throughout the ship" clearly would have included the specialty restaurant.

But the fact remains that the current wording is poor, and needs correction.

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