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Default The Ray and Todd Show hit the waves!

All you folks going on the Epic with Trip on her Cruisemate's Cruise on the Epic on March 17th better hang onto your hats, wives and girlfriends 'cause the Ray and Todd Show is about to hit the ocean blue!

I'm hoping maybe that Ray will occasionally lend me his scooter to have drag races down the Promenade. Hey, you never know what to expect from one guy who almost wrote the book on cruising and another who probably belongs under lock and key. Of one thing, "I guarrronteee" and that is that everyone is gonna' have a ball! Who knows, maybe we'll get all of you wifes and girlfriends into a high kicking chorus line on the main stage!

Trip will of course be in the center!!!!!

Seriously, I am so very honored that I'll be accompanying the most beloved and esteemed member of our huge network!


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