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Ray Dooley
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Default Re: Seattle to Vancouver port

We are from New York and took the Infinity to Alaska last August and had the same questions. In the end we figured we prefer the warm weather cruises and probablt wouldn't be up the seattle way or Vancouver again or at least for a while. SO... we decided to take another week off and flew into Seattle, rented a mini van (not very expensive for 2 weeks), spent 2 days in Seattle, drove to Victoria (took van on ferry), 3 days in victoria, drove to Vancouver and spent 2 days before the cruise. We parked at the Cruise Park next to the ship ($49 for the week). It was a magnificient time, not really all that more expensive if you have the time (alot of it in Canadian dollars - cheaper!!). We were two couples so it saved dragging bags all around, from seattle airport to the bus or train to vancouver and so on. It's 11 days on the Millie in the caribbean this August but you will love Alaska, magnificient unbelievable beauty (the helicopter to the glacier was also a treat!!) Have a great time
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