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Thumbs up Greece is magnificent

Originally Posted by sergej View Post
there is only one currency in Greese - Euro.

Normally nobody would sell you anyting for USD in the Europe.
As for now Greece is located there.

My tip: take some small sum in Euro e.g. 20- 30 Euro,
normally for some absolutelly unnesessaRY tourist stuff they would
accept your credit card (Visa, masterkard).

And don't hope to see something interesting in Greece - that is really one of the most
boring country in the word : all interesting stuff about Greese one can read in wikipedia.
We have travelled extensively in Greece. We might get a few Euros for small expenses, but normally in all tourist areas plastic is very welcome and US$ can be used for tips and small purchases. It depends on exactly what you plan to do. Mostly we stayed in tourist areas and ate at restaurants that took credit cards. A couple of times our guide took us to a local deli or taverna and then it was handy to have Euros. Changing money before you go is efficient, but probably the most costly. The ship will also usually change a reasonable amount of money for you. Actually just using an ATM in Greece is probably the cheapest and easiest way.

OTOH if you plan to rent a car, or just go walking out on your own, then it will be better to have a pocket full of Euros.

And as far as attractions in Greece -- it is one of the most historical and architecturally magnificent, as well as stunningly scenic, places on Earth! The Acropolis alone is worth a special trip around the world.

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