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Default Tell Me What You think

Yesterday a woman I know handed me the following letter and asked what I thought. She said it just turned up in her email and she is not looking for a job so it was unsolicited. It was very professional and had pages of descriptions of what the job entailed. Also a page explaining how to handle the foreign funds. Of course there was an application for the job. My first thought is RUN!! as fast and as far as you can from this. Red flags for this were as follows.
Unsolicited e-mail
Handling funds from foreign countries
Application seems like a way to get her info.
sounds way too good to be true.
So I decided to put it to the experts for an answer.....CruiseMates
Tell me what you think.
Following is the letter.

Good day,

My name is Dolores Busto and I am working as personnel manager in
All Travel Spain Company.
I have offered you a vacancy in our company, and now I will explain how to proceed to the next step. Hope you will find it interesting and accept our offer.

My principal task is to lead you through the whole process of work as
a Travel Coordinator and explain what you are supposed to do.
You will find in this letter all your future duties.

They are simple enough, so I think you understand everything quite easy.
Well, I want to tell you some words about our Company- All Travel Spain.

We are engaged in providing touristic services to any places in the world. Our Company is the leading travel agency in the Europe, and
now we start providing our services in the North America, including
the United States of America too.

Our main office is located in Spain. We also have offices in France, Greece,Italy,Ukraine and Russia and provide our services on the territory of the Europe Union and
started working in the USA and for this purpose we finished the registration here. So now we need the Travel Coordinators.

We offer such services as the best selection of flights, hotels and vacation packages using innovative search, packaging and
booking engines, from econom to lux-level packages. But our main direction is providing individual
tours, including extreme travels and luxury tours.

Our traditional device is to give the client everything he wants,
because we depend from clients. We do everything for enjoy of our customers. Actually we have all types of the travel services.
That's why we do our best in order to provide customers with the best flights and carefully customized tours.

I am honored to inform you that we want you to apply our team. And now we would like to suggest you to become our Travel Coordinator.
This position is limited to a certain number of person, so please make
your decision ASAP.

The application process consist only from 3 steps.

-Application process:

I have attached 4 files to this letter: Job Description, FAQ file,
Application and Agreement in the MS Word format(if you couldn't open
MS Word files, please let me know and I will forward you the PDF files)

1.Please read DESCRIPTION carefully and respond me back with you questions and/or confirmation to work with us.

2.If You agree you need to fill out the Employment Agreement and Application and send back filled out by e-mail
or fax: +1-888.473.3077

IMPORTANT: If you want to send the documents via email, you should
print them and send me back the scanned copies of it with physical
signatures. It will give you more chances to pass the procedure.
Anyway, the electronically filled documents are acceptable too.

3.When you send the documents back to me, I will forward your
application documents to our HR department immediately.

And the last thing. You should pay anything for working with us, it's free and real job for you. We will pay you salary, and you will just need to complete the duties described in the job description and our tasks.
That's all. We don't ask the money from your side.

From my side I will do my best in order to provide you with all necessary instructions and answers to your questions.
You can ask me for any information you will be interested in.
Please inform me as soon as possible about your decision,
whether it is positive or not, because we have another candidates and
we need to activate our human resource challenge.
Please give your answer within two working days.

With respect,
Dolores Busto
All Travel Spain
Fax: +1-888.473.3077
Tel: +1-888.472.9062

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