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I told my friend exactly the same thing you all are saying. I also sent the letter to Snopes and got back a similar letter with much the same content. They also say it is a scam. I sent the reply from Snopes on to her.

Another friend of mine contacted me quite some time ago about one of those "free cruise" deals they got in the mail. Sadly they had already started correspondence with the company offering this deal. By the time they contacted me they were out around $600.00. She was so excited about this "free cruise they were going on!! Really? A "free" cruise in which they already invested all that money? I set her straight on that and asked why she had not called me sooner. I would have found them a cruise for considerably lesss than $600 and booked it for her. Sadly her husband passed away since then and they never got the cruise they so badly wanted. Later she called and asked if I would go on a cruise with her. We and another friend are going on Inspiration in November. It is too bad that learning there is no such thing as a free cruise was so expensive.

There is something else that is bothering me too. I go to an internet cafe sometimes. They are offering a free cruise to be given away at the end of this month. I looked at the brochure that was there and I am alarmed at what I saw. No place on this rather elaborate brochure was there a ship name. Nor was the name of the cruise line there. In talking to the clerk I learned that the cruise is paid for. There was a photo of a ship but the stack was not visible. I was unable to determine the cruise line. This seems shady to me. The drawing is Saturday for the winner of the cruise. I plan to be there. On the back of the brochure the company name was listed but it was not a travel agency. It had something to do with incentives. I should have written down the name.I will this weekend when I go for the drawing.

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