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Even if one didn't know this was a scam, it's easy to figure out. It also was probably not from Spain.

Notice the misspellings or lack of plurals, etc., etc.

They're not all on the internet either. My niece DeAnna and her husband were in Knoxville a couple of years ago and ran across a Travel Agency with signs promising the moon. Being one who loves to catch scams, he parked and they went in.

The furniture was cheap, there were a few cheap posters on the walls, etc. What initially surprised him were that there were a lot of customers, all of whom were well heeled. They just sat down and watched the operation. The customer had to pay up front for their vacation but were provided tons of legitimate brochures, "receipts," paper work, you name it for everything from cruises to European vacations. When he inquired how long the Agency had been in business they said for years but they'd just moved into these new quarters which was in a mostly run down building. The receptionist said they were very prominent and very successful with thousands and thousands of satisfied customers. As a matter of fact beaming customers, documents in hand were leaving, several in fact and DeAnna was only there for about ten minutes.

He knew immediately what was going on. He turned to Deanna and said, "C'mon, I'm going to show you something." They went and got into their Mercedes (which was only one of several high end cars in the guest parking lot). He pulled into the street and then turned down an alley that led to the rear of the building. Behind the building were four cars, all heaps and they all had out of state tags. He just turned to DeAnna and smiled.

She turned it into an investigative reporter for a local TV station and he said he'd check into it in the next week. On Monday the place was gone but he did some research. There were no business documents on file, not even the name of the business! Of course DeAnna's husband was right. The thing was they had scammed over just two months of occupancy in that building, tens and tens of thousands of dollars, most from people who obviously should have known better because they targeted the well to do. The reporter found they move around all over the country and always use a name geared to attract the liveried gentry. What DeAnna's husband couldn't fathom was here were people used to dealing with high end businesses and this "new" travel agency explained they hadn't done the redecorating yet! They have the uncanny ability of knowing when they're time is running out (probably when people call or revisit asking questions of why they hadn't heard something, etc., yet about their vacation).

Just goes to show it's not only the "little" guy who gets scammed! But then, Bernie Madoff proved spades!

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