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Originally Posted by Rev22:17 View Post

I have a white dinner jacket outfit, which I generally bring on cruises where it's appropriate, and a tuxedo that I use for cruises where the white dinner jacket would not be appropriate.

As to accessories, I have a black cummerbund with matching bow tie, a black and silver striped cummerbund with matching bow tie, and a teal vest with matching bow tie. I also have "pocket squares" in each of these colors and a white "pocket square" to use when I wear the black cummerbund and bow tie with the tuxedo. I'll wear a different set on each of the "formal" evenings. When travelling with a female friend or companion, I'll try to coordinate my accessories with her dresses.

I probably will pick up a couple more colors to add to my selection when I something that I like. I'm thinking that green and red would be good additions, but I'm not sure whether the green will be a mint green or a deeper (Kelly or forest?) green.

Norm, i would imagine that you look quite dapper!

i like both color and my "little black dress" is dark navy. My last cruise dress splurge was a short red cocktail dress with a lightly beaded bodice and a flirty a-line skirt that swisshed when i dance.
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